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  MONDO VISION - The Sight & Sound Of Progressive Cinema
At Mondo Vision, we are passionate in preserving and releasing radical, innovative, and truly extraordinary works of contemporary world cinema. The only criterion is that each film should offer a new challenge to serious cinephiles seeking to discover pure creativity and entertainment. Our ultimate goal is to expose some of cinema’s rarely-seen gems. Our upcoming collection stands as our statement of intent.
Although we are a group of cinephiles, we do not feel that it is our job to make overblown claims as to the worth of a particular director or film. Instead, our mission is to bring viewers a definitive DVD version to allow them to decide for themselves. Rather than stress discs with hours of irrelevant, made-to-order “added value” content, we believe that our customers are able to discern true value. As a result, we prefer to offer our customers the best quality packaging, a selection of engaging extra features, and the highest possible quality video transfer and encode, produced only by carefully selected and skilled authoring houses. We feel that any additional content provided should add to, rather than detract from the experience. At the same time, we recognize our responsibility to the filmmakers, and strive to make each one of our individual releases as close a facsimile as possible to their original intentions.
We hope to be around for the years to come, and to give viewers the chance to experience some unique films from around the world, which would otherwise remain buried: a feast of insights into cinema at its most obscure, excessive, and marginalized, aimed at adventurous cinephiles eager to uncover lost and forgotten gems of subversive cinema. For us and our audience, these unique films and their respective directors represent filmmaking at its most challenging and brilliant. We hope you’ll join us!

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