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Reviews June 15, 2014
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A spiral staircase movie, a never-ending metaphysical game of cat-and-mouse, a moral aspiration to the Heavens, a “spotlight” on God, a scornful detective movie, a horror movie and frightful, high-octane baroque work – Possession is all of that at once. It is a film that provokes, but it provokes intelligence above all – not just the merry continuation of our little social mechanisms.
Possession is a visionary, scathing attack on what could be called an “alien” from within. It is a movie that deliberately goes against the new “dominant ideology”, and takes huge risks. This deep-cutting, biological cinema, delves into the guts to reach the soul. Through its fire, it revives something that a lot of contemporary movies have lost: emotion, and the prospect of the audience reacting, perhaps even throwing up (figuratively?) in front of a screen displaying their own fantasies.
Cannes Film Festival (1981)
Winner Best Actress, Isabelle Adjani
Nominee Palme D'or
CÚsar Awards, France (1982)
Winner Best Actress, Isabelle Adjani
São Paulo International Film Festival (1981)
Winner Critics Award
Fantasporto International Film Festival (1983)
Winner Audience Jury Award - Special Mention
Winner Best Actress, Isabelle Adjani
Nominee Best Film


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